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  • Slow Dancing In The Big City

    Slow Dancing In The Big City


    I bought a shitty TV rip from some hawker in the US and synced it to a much nicer Russian dubbed copy and threw it on Youtube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhBC7sPlFV0&feature=youtu.be

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    I got my hands on the "First Very Rough Draft" of the Buffalo '66 screenplay, which is likely the one first dictated by Gallo and typed up by Alison Bagnall. I've scanned and uploaded it here if you're interested: archive.org/details/buffalo-66-script

    Here are what I thought were the substantial changes from the finished film:

    - The descriptions of Buffalo seem to suggest the film taking place during a harsh winder day, with strong winds and intense snowfall. This is dialed back…

  • Moonstruck


    Empty, fuckwit filmmaking from a studio with no faith in its own material, crew, or audience to deliver anything close to a meaningful piece of articulation or even enjoyable piece of escapism.

    The first inkling I had that this was going to become an ordeal rather than just passable was the introduction scene of Nicolas Cage. Cage per usual hams up his performance to an enjoyable degree, but the film clearly has no faith in both his ability to hold…

  • Until First Light

    Until First Light


    Until First Light is a startlingly realized and articulate work from an incredibly unlikely place. I had the opportunity to see it at its Albertan premiere in 2018, and the film has stuck with me like few others.

    The film follows a simple narrative of a man stuck in limbo, returning to his family's farm after the suicide of his brother. We are guided through the protagonist's quiet ruminations as he comes to grips with his grief and uncertainty in…

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    This is not about a woman with "mental illness". This is about a woman who does certain things out of love and enthusiasm, but does so outside social norms. This is about a man who does certain things out of confusion and frustration, but whose actions have already been seen and understood in the wider culture.

    This does not make her or him "bad people" or "crazy". Ideally these people should be made to understand their shortcomings and the ways…

  • Greed


    A perfect early western flick tacked onto the end of a sloppy bastardization of a Griffith morality film. You can tell the lost sequences were almost all the strongest though and would've elevated the material a great deal, but I still can't really recommend the almost 4 hour reconstruction as the stills can't do much to compensate.

    I don't know what the guys at the Edmonton Metro Cinema were thinking replacing the score with seemingly random Johnny Greenwood tracks from…

  • Hereditary


    Films are a method of communication. It is up to filmmakers to articulate ideas, which can be aesthetic or intellectual.

    What preconception does is gives filmmakers a shortcut. It's like the use of stock phrases or buzzwords in a conversation. They can be used to establish a common basis, which can then be continued from tangentially to communicate something new. However, if they are relied on heavily they can be used to cover up a lack of substance to be…

  • John Lennon: Live In New York City

    John Lennon: Live In New York City

    When Yoko Ono invents rap at the end of this I felt that

  • The Ski Bum

    The Ski Bum


    A pretty crummy quality VHSrip of this film is out there and the only DVD copy I can find (other than on some sketch website) is dubbed in Italian. I ripped the video from the Italian DVD and synced it with the VHS audio, which was surprisingly more difficult than expected due to the VHS being at a slightly different speed (my apologies if some scenes feel out of sync with the audio) and having some extra sequences:
    - The…

  • David and Lisa

    David and Lisa

    The fact that this Sheldon Cooper Autismo Stim Compilation was and is better received than Lilith is the most embarrassing shit

  • D E S T R U C T

    D E S T R U C T

    Since this looks like it might be up to stay on Letterboxd, I'll take the opportunity to give you all a guide through the best of my AMV creations (in chronological order).

    The title of each AMV will link to the poster for each if I've bothered enough to make one, and the song and anime credit will link to the video proper.

    Prostrate Constantly

    Rocks Off
    The Rolling Stones - "Rocks Off" || Love Live! School Idol Project