Tenet ★★★★

Cant believe I'm giving this as high of a score as I am, but fuck it.

Lmfao this movie is so fucking dumb. Had me giggling with glee at least a dozen times from its action-set pieces and countless more at the meaningless verbosity in its flowerly dialogue and cryptic exposition, both of which act more as verbal fist bumps to the films' action than a means to actually give insight into whats going on. Absolutely incomprehensible stupidity from top to bottom. Forget cohesion and logic and emotion; just cool ideas, fun shit, and vibes filtered through the performative vision of an "ancient alien" Nolan with complete and total disregard for the audience. Surprisingly, the first of his movies Ive really kinda admired. The work of an unhinged, egotistical madman with too much fucking money.

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