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  • Beanpole



    Hard, almost traumatizing perception about the Russian after war experience. As always a revealing portrait about two women on their return to a rehabilitation hospital after WWII and the shocking experiences of ever experiencing something like a normal civilian life. Definitely worth a second look so to be continued ...

  • Years and Years

    Years and Years


    A glimpse into the near future tells us a not-so-brilliant vision of the future through these excellent years and years. A real acting cast that reminds me more of a small mini theater sets a new standard. The six episodes with references to the current political situation turn the world upside down and maybe yours too?

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  • Deep Blue Sea 3

    Deep Blue Sea 3


    Every summer season there is a shark fest and unfortunately we do not escape this year with Deep Blue Sea 3. This B-movie brings the usual clichés with a lot of macho bullshit, at times bad CGI and a fairly ridiculous story. 2 stars for the beautiful pictures and if the sharks can talk next sequel I will add another half star.

  • Light of My Life

    Light of My Life


    Casey Affleck rip off or J.Hillcoat The Road yields a much less successful film. Apparently, Affleck likes to hear himself busy with lengthy monologues that really add little to the film. It is waiting until the end of the film until hell really breaks loose and it becomes really exciting. The copy is worse than the original, but this could have been much worse, so deserving but move on please.