Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

Crime , Drama , Mystery & Thriller Movie (Gone Girl#716).

On the fifth anniversary of his marriage , Nick Dan (Ben Affleck) goes to the police station to report the disapperance of his wife Emmy (Rosamund Pike) , under the pressure of investigators and media prices , collapses. The picture of the happy husband he tried to show about himself, his lies are revealed , and the whole question of society starts questioning .. Did Nick Dan kill his good wife ?

Love should require both partners to be very best at all times.

Well well well , after finishing this shaking my head surprised at what i just witnessed of incredibly good work combined together. Gone Girl gave me bad vibes about women and a good lesson telling me to be careful in the future (just kidding) , surprisingly well made movie with undeniable great performance from both sides , Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike. The movie was able to dazzle people with the unexpected events sequentially keeps showing how woman could be malicious and wily in order to stay alive.

Presented to us by the one and only David Fincher who is also the director of other stunning movies such as Fight Club , The Social Network and Se7en proving that the limits of his imagination are not expected by anyone and he is one of the best directors in his time. Written by Gillian Flynn as it was taken from her novel , makes me unwillingly hate and love Rosamund Pike in the same time for being so hateful, virulent and at the same time great convincing performance that deserves praise from all respects.

The story was divided in a wonderful way that needs an innovative mind to be predicted on time which i suppose we all failed at. Accompanied by an appropriate actors Gone Girl is way too close to perfection if not already there , successfully becoming a likeable movie for alot of people as it was captivating enough to attract people with its charm.

Full of fascinating facts about how marriage can be complicated some times facing the difficulties of matrimony , Gone Girl is unbelievably smart and spectacular breathtaking movie. I havent watch alot of movies in 2014 but im pretty sure this is one of the best movies in its year beside Interstellar which is awesome aswell.

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Great pick for valentine day isnt it ?

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