Dogtooth ★★★½

I hope your kids have bad influences and develop a bad personality.

Yorgos Lanthimos is a weird motherfucker, man. Dogtooth is every bit as sharp and incisive as the other features of his as I've seen, but the humor feels either blunted or possibly just lost in translation. Even though many of the jokes didn't land for me on first pass, the fascist/patriarchal satire still rings clear. In particular the use of invented language and control of the kids' media diet feels distinctly dystopian, but presented in a uniquely brutal fashion that's become familiar in Lanthimos' filmography.

This movie is still a really slick blend of bleak and thrilling, odd and vicious. It's worth a watch just to see how a piece of Yorgos' early work lays the foundation for movies like The Lobster down the road, and the Rocky scene? Instant classic! Worth the tape slaps!!

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