Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies ★★★★

Powerfuly acted and potent family drama about what it suggests right on the tin - the unburdening that comes of telling the truth. Every member of this ensemble is lights out, and so is Leigh's direction, peppering in loads of character details to make the material sing. My favorite element of this is just watching characters, particularly Hortense, simply react to something. Perhaps nowhere is that better emphasized than during the diner scene from the front of the Criterion cover, where Cynthia and Hortense merely have to sit together for the duration of an unbroken shot, all their little idiosynasies and emotional reactions there for the other to see. Really moving film and another strong effort from Leigh. As a side note, I have to say I love Andrew Dickson's string heavy scores for this film and Naked; each add palpable emotion that goes a long way with Leigh's frequently difficult characters.

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