Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Demme & Byrne & Cronenweth & Weymouth & Day & Frantz & Harrison & Mabry & Holt & Scales & Weir & Worrell

This is the peak of the medium specifically because it defies every one of its aesthetic conventions in favor of creating something that's not only visually sumptuous and totally joyful, but an entire narrative progression told through the sequence of music and the nature of the performances. This movie's look and environment evolves throughout the course of the movie from a warehouse, to utter blackness, to sprawling metropolis. Quick reminder: this is a concert film. It's an utter masterpiece, one of a kind, everything it is made out to be.

This movie is so good that Swamp, a Talking Heads song I don't especially like on the studio release, is one of the coolest moments in any movie I've ever seen. Every single member is at the peak their respective powers, all following a command lead performance from David Byrne, whose physicality gives this film so much energy. But as easy as it is to hone in on his incredible work, we can't sleep on Tina Weymouth (my personal MVP), the backup vocalists, Frantz on the drums, it's just all incredible. The film is incredible, the experience is incredible, the music is incredible, and I love it as much as I love anything else in cinema.

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