The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★

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I wasted so much time.

A thoughtful and elegantly written presentation of a young woman, adrift in her personal connections and repeated creative marginalization. I generally understand, even agree with, the praise, particularly the screenplay nomination. But for reasons I find hard to articulate, it feels underwhelming, more good than great, or somehow less than the sum of its 12 parts (plus prologue and epilogue). The film is quite funny, at least in spurts, and has a firm grasp on a unique set of characters. But really, I never felt any palpable sense of romance, the underlying magnetism holding the lead couple together. I feel perhaps the cute episodic structure, while effective at clearly communicating discrete clear points, does not serve to give a proper progession of the core relationship, its two members and their myriad mutual frustrations. Or maybe it just wasn't my speed, in spite of being quite good. Who knows.

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