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  • The Twilight Samurai

    The Twilight Samurai


    Not a usual Samurai film.

    This movie is so different from any traditional samurai film. A heartwarming story with substantial slow pacing. The more the narrator tells the story, the more it feels close. The film was set in last days of Edo Period. Though it was a politically unsettled time in then Japan but the film has neither politics or samurai action plot. The thing I liked most about this movie is characterization of this film and how they…

  • Elephant



    This movie is so dark, so eccentric. Turn an everyday normal life to a worldly atrocity . Yet so poetic.

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  • Airplane!



    A satirical anthology of classic movie clichΓ©s. Mostly bored by dad jokes. Only best part of this movie is Leslie Nielsen.

  • Pikoo's Day

    Pikoo's Day

    I find this review on YouTube. I think he perfectly break down this masterpiece.

    * This post may contain spoilers *

    The purpose of this analysis is to understand the director's intentions in composing and staging of scenes, the use of analogies, metaphors and symbolism to convey hidden messages and the uses of subtext. The most important line in the film "Shall I use a black color to draw a white flower..?" is a simple innocent statement by a kid…