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'ksi: can't lose' is genuinely a fantastic, dare i say it "gripping" documentary.

it's very well shot, fantastically produced and quite eye opening. JJ now has earned my complete anf utter respect despite what i thought before the weller fight after a few things he did.

to be totally honest, JJ was someone i looked up to in my primary school years even to the end of high school.

everyone wanted to be him in my social circle, i remember buying an elgato game capture and never using it cause i never knew how to, just to feel like i was my idol.

from being a fan of the Sidemen, to attending a live show and actually meeting him, it shows how i've progressed as a young adult.

and its also mad to see his journey progress from playing fifa in his bedroom to what could now be a pro boxing career.

now lets hope he kills logan paul.