Zach D'Amico

Zach D'Amico


The English language kinda fucked up when it decided to pronounce 'cinema' with a soft 'c'

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  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    I think I loved the first 100 minutes more than I'm supposed to, and the last 30 minutes less than I'm supposed to?

  • The Tale

    The Tale


    Wrenching, riveting, honest. A masterpiece.

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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    fuck COVID for preventing this from making $100 mil and turning both of them into household names

  • Hearts Beat Loud

    Hearts Beat Loud


    I think my favorite part of this movie is that Toni Collette is often on two feet, sometimes sitting down, and never on the ceiling. Which is nice. 5 stars.