Nope ★★★★½

One thing I paid attention to in particular on this rewatch was Daniel Kaluuya during his opening scene with his dad, played by Keith David. He was noticeably more smiley and for the remainder of the movie, not so much. With all of the big thematic stuff soaring in Nope it's up to the actors to ground it so it's not just a colorful string of Ideas. Kaluuya sucks it out of the park. He handles the grief without it overshadowing the big cloud in the sky. Also: That scene where he's stuck in the car... he's able to do so much with so little. Both screenings, when he and Keke Palmer slap hands a bunch... people loved it. There is much less humor in Nope than Jordan Peele's previous movies and I think that comes from him gaining confidence. Peele, get all of the confidence and keep doing your thing. I know how unsure you've been lately and how much my reviews motivate you <3

(Loved that Congos needledrop...)

Really resisting the urge to bring up that Logan Paul twitter thread. RESISTING......................................

9.) Way to strip all the life from a phenomenal actor, Daniel Kaluuya, by casting him as possibly the most mundane, vanilla character I’ve ever seen. Not a question I’m just pissed

Sorry, had to. Looks like we disagree on his NINTH point 😋

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