King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

“And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead.”

I’ve had an interest in Kong since childhood but its taken me until now to watch the original. While lacking any substantial sociopolitical commentary besides a simple theme of civilization vs nature, King Kong runs on pure spectacle and has rightfully spawned almost a century’s worth of content. The practical visual effects are impressive for the 1930s and I almost prefer them to modern CGI - there’s a quaintness lacking in the latter.

So much iconic imagery that influenced not only the franchise but cinema in its entirety. In regards to the casual sexism and cultural insensitivity, it comes off as more comical than offensive - I laughed out loud at the exchange: “I guess I love you” “Why Jack, you hate women”… simultaneously a product of its time and an innovative prelude to the action blockbuster.

Long live the king.

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