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Been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to my life

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  • Yi Yi
  • Mirror
  • The Double Life of Véronique
  • La Belle Noiseuse

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  • The Zone of Interest


  • Armageddon


  • The Slumber Party Massacre


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  • The Mother and the Whore

    The Mother and the Whore


    An epic landmark of French cinema, the intermedial cornerstone right between the New Wave and the Post-New Wave – the former's final nail and the latter's acme. Subversive in the best of ways. The self-destructive and disillusioned malaise after May '68, enveloped by the sexual revolution. A world forever changing yet constantly marred by the past.

  • Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60s in Brussels

    Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60s in Brussels


    Chantal Akerman will forever be one of my all-time greats. I shall be manifesting a restoration for as long as I live.

Recent reviews

  • The Slumber Party Massacre

    The Slumber Party Massacre


    The Criterion Challenge 2023: Round 2

    Fun, smart, and subversive, Amy Holden Jones's The Slumber Party Massacre is a full-on slasher gem of the '80s. Noted for being conceived initially as a parody of teen horror genre tropes until producer demands filmed it straight, akin to your average exploitation flick from the era. However, that satirical edge still remains lively, coming out every now and then to great delight—the iconic eating pizza on the corpse scene is brilliant. Where Jones…

  • Gertrud



    The Criterion Challenge 2023: Round 2

    From one of the great masters of deliberate slowness and aesthetic austerity comes Carl Theodor Dreyer's swansong, Gertrud, a work of technical marvel that categorically cements the Danish auteur in the history books of cinema. Taking all of the elements which had defined his oeuvre up until this point—well into his 70s by the time of release—he amplifies each to create an atmosphere of subtlety and languidness. With numerous long takes and theatrical mise-en-scène,…

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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I always had faith. I didn't expect a masterpiece or the greatest comic book movie ever made. I expected a freshly stylised take on Batman, with great performances and atmosphere, and that's what we got. Nitpicks and minor flaws aside, I'm glad that my faith was not let down.

    Long live Battinson.

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Excruciatingly dogmatic, annoyingly smug, and painfully unfunny. Godawful satire meets lazy social commentary, and what results is one of the most impressively subpar movies I've seen in a good long while.