• Who are you, Ellie?

    Who are you, Ellie?

    Another lost film, digitized in the highest quality, despite the fact that the celluloid we found has lost color.

    The mercilessly cynical and savage Kyrgyz crime-thriller "Who are you, Ellie?" is a typical exploitative product of the 90s, where dying is scary, but living is even scarier.

    Against the backdrop of brutal mafia wars, cop outrage and a groovy disco soundtrack, an impossible love story unfolds between the noble killer Ellie and a girl Gyulsary from the wealthy family.

  • A Specter Haunts Europe

    A Specter Haunts Europe

    This silent film has been gathering dust in the archives for the last 100 years and is available only to researchers of rare films of that distant era.

    From Outer Space team was able to legally get this film from the Moscow State Film Fund and now, for the first time in many decades, it is publicly available! (t.me/xfromouterspace)

    Motives from several literary sources are mixed in "A Specter Haunts Europe". First of all, these are "The Masque of the…

  • Titane


    Transhumanism has never been so feministic.

  • Camp


    This is what a party at Shūji Terayama's house looks like.

  • Crazy Love

    Crazy Love

    The perfect match for the Double Feature with «Funeral Parade of Roses»

  • Dream Journal 2016–2019

    Dream Journal 2016–2019

    Best Xanax advertising.

  • Eliksir


    «Das Elixir» is an impressive embodiment of medieval alchemic experiments and mystical twilight wanderings from the books of Hoffmann. The film uses a very special style — animation with live actors, turned into a cross between watercolors, chromakey, and a series of photographs framed by blurry VHS patterns. «Das Elixir» should be watched only at night by candlelight.

  • Vortex


    Dario Argento and the Horror of Dementia!

    "isn't life a dream within a dream?"

  • Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous

    Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous


    Портрет современного Гонконга, или скорее универсальная городская симфония, в которой выхваченная будто бы случайными фрагментами бессистемная повседневность вдруг складывается в единый сюжет, рассказанный голосами трёх поколений. Без завязки и итогового финала, без драмы и кульминации – невесомая бессюжетность и ясная прямолинейность, подкрепленные лишь естественными звуками улиц, сливаются в сингулярный образ гонконгца, а по сути, жителя любого современного мегаполиса вообще.

    Камера прогуливается по паркам, заглядывает в переулки, подслушивает разговоры в общественном транспорте. Внимание хаотично перемещается от очередного зеваки к случайному прохожему,…

  • Dwarf Nose

    Dwarf Nose

    This film was recently released to the public for the first time after almost 60 years!

    Someone may have heard of the legend of the lost film "The Dwarf Nose", which amazed and frightened thousands of viewers in the 80s when it was shown on television.

    There is still debate over whether this film actually existed, or whether it was a collective memory distortion, the Mandela Effect. "From Outer Space" continues to search for this legendary film. We went to…

  • AntiFaust


    Antifaust has been considered lost for the past 30 years. Finally it is officially found by project From Outer Space (vk.com/bosafos, t.me/xfromouterspace) and available to everyone.

    In 1990 Georg Friesen a young German from Hanover came to Russia and enrolled in filmmaker courses at VGIK. In 1993, he directed the film AntiFaust — an avant-garde mystical-romantic extravaganza, saturated with non-standard visuals and an instantly immersive soundtrack. Obviously, the director was inspired by the films of Friedrich Murnau and Peter Greenaway.…

  • Dina


    For the past 30 years, this film has only been available in trashy VHS quality. We found and digitized original film. Now this undeservedly forgotten Russian horror is available for the first time in excellent HD!

    You can watch and download it here: