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  • The Big Sleep
  • Something Wild
  • The Last Detail
  • The Long Goodbye

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  • Sudden Fear


  • The Accountant


  • Jailbreakers


  • Nobody's Fool


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  • Destroyer



    Why? Why not?

  • Demented Death Farm Massacre

    Demented Death Farm Massacre


    I watched the Honey Britches /Something Weird version on Full Moon streaming. I think I was the right kind of tired to watch this all the way through and get kind of caught up in its charmingly weird, bug-eyed, moonshine-addled world, but I’m afraid I’m going to have dreams that someone’s chasing me - very, very slowly - while banjo music plays. The comely actress who plays Reba Sue (quite well) did this movie, a porno nine years later, and was most recently a voice actor in a Strawberry Shortcake movie in 2006. Top that, Streep.

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  • ...All the Marbles

    ...All the Marbles


    Sadly, 1981’s … All the Marbles was the last movie director Robert Aldrich lived to make. The renegade filmmaker – the man behind movies as diverse and bold as Kiss Me Deadly, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, The Dirty Dozen, and The Longest Yard – died at his home in 1983 at age 65.

    The failure of the movie, which depicts the journey to redemption for two women’s wrestling tag team partners (The California Dolls - Vicki Frederick and Laurene…

  • Fireball Jungle

    Fireball Jungle


    Fireball Jungle is like one of the once popular annual localized coupon books that offered an abundance of “entertainment” options that you never knew existed and wondered if you dare take – even for buy one, get one half-off margaritas. But the Jungle’s Throne Room has bar stools that are actual toilets, they have a singing poodle act, and the bartender looks like Cat Woman, so why the hell not try it out?

    And I’m way underselling all the action at the ‘ol Throne Room, which is but one of many entertainment options to be found in 1968’s Fireball Jungle.

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