Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

First: Jim Cummings is in this and it made me all the happier!

It's called Halloween Kills for a reason, the killing is non stop and brutal. Michael is very much impervious, I got a real pissed off Jason feeling from Michael in this movie. There's a lot of good, and a lot of "hmmmmmm" in this movie. Lots of monologues and speeches being made. There's an ugly end to a storyline about a mistaken Michael. It's DEFINITELY more fan service as Michael is calling accounts to be paid. I kinda feel like they knew Dr McGuffin (Sartain) was lame in the first movie but they doubled down on his usefulness this movie. The final 5-10 minutes takes a odd editing choice compared to the rest of the "battles" in this movie.

All that said, I liked it. I had a feeling I wouldn't but I did. Lameness aside, it's brutal Michael at one of his goriest. I almost feel like Halloween Ends might try and give an explanation for why Michael runs on murder fuel, but we'll see. Definitely gonna check this one out again asap.

PS: For those wondering, no post credit scene.

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