Lamb ★★★★

This was my excuse to leave work on time tonight since there was only one showing at a theater near my work. I was really anticipating this one, the trailer captured me right away, I knew it was gonna be an odd one, and it was but not as odd as I had told myself. This movie is really driven by the mood and expressions of everyone with minimal dialog. It was nice to see Noomi in something not Hollywood for a change as she plays a greif sticker mother going through the motions of life on a farm. But then there's this weird emotional battle between her and the mother sheep that gives birth the the half human half sheep baby. I'll stop right there because it does have some emotional impact between everyone and the animals that disappear and are completely forgotten in the third act. It was a journey I was looking forward to and one that didn't disappoint, full of some decent symbolism and a killer score.

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