The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

“Excuse me. Preacher? Got time for a sinner?”

Good one. I really enjoyed this film, despite it’s many flaws. 

First of all, I gotta acknowledge how fucking  amazing the first 30 minutes were, God damn! This film started strong! And that’s an understatement. I’m telling you, Bill Skarsgård is a fucking beast in this movie, all his scenes were so good, his entire arc, those beautiful first 30 minutes, it had the emotion, the drama, oh man it was wonderful. 

After that, the movie started to lose steam, it began to introduce too many subplots, and as the story progressed, those subplots became tiring, but they kept coming on and on. Too many jumps in time, too many flashbacks, it’s not really confusing if you pay enough attention, but it’s pretty underwhelming. 

I have very mixed feelings about those subplots and flashbacks, while they’re happening, they aren’t as interesting as the stuff happening with Tom Holland’s character, but they kinda have to be there for the ending to work, and it’s a very nice ending! But I dunno, the stuff about Holland’s character, his stepsister and the preacher were getting so interesting that I wish they would’ve focused on that specific storyline to create a far better and more memorable story. It was getting so good! And the Sebastian Stan & Jason Clarke stuff just wasn’t as interesting as everything else in the film, those subplots felt really unnecessary and I was asking to myself why the fuck are they showing us these things. And of course, now after finishing the film, I know they had to be there for the ending to work, so now I can’t really complain about them, can I? 

Still, I like the narrative of the film, even though it may feel underwhelming at times, it feels fresh most of the time. It doesn’t feels too formulaic or anything, it’s just things that are happening. I like that kind of narrative. It’s weird, at one hand I really appreciate the risk-taking and wanting to make a more complex story and all, but at the same time I feel like it could’ve worked better as a more confined story, there’s no shame on that. 

Now, the narration, I usually hate when there is narration in a movie, I hate it so much, and there’s very few exceptions where narration actually works all fine, like 'Ad Astra'. In this may be another exception, the narration in this film didn’t bothered me at all, sometimes it felt unnecessary, and some other times it was very welcome, especially the last very scene, I really enjoyed the narration on the ending scene. It was very emotional. I also appreciate the fact that the narrator is the author of the book himself, great detail. 

The acting, a lot of big name actors are in this film, and they all did a great job. Bill Skarsgård stole the whole film in just the first 30 minutes, of course, but everyone else was fine. Haley Bennett looked unrecognizable and delivered a very cute performance, she was charming. Sebastian Stan was also unrecognizable in this, and his performance was surprisingly great, very effective. Jason Clarke was very intimidating. Robert Pattinson delivered a strong performance, everyone keep saying he’s a very talented actor, and it’s no lie, he can truly shine every time he’s in screen. And Tom Holland, its nice to see him take a more dramatic role than what he is used to, you can tell he wants to be more than just Spiderman, and he commits to it, in this movie he gets the job done, nothing impressive, but you can tell he’s doing his best, and that’s enough for me to like it. I enjoy the commitment. 

One of my favorite aspects of the film is the original soundtrack by Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans, it was really damn beautiful. I’m impressed. The licensed songs in the movie were also pretty good. 

Overall, really nice film, I was satisfied with it, despite it’s flaws. I’d even say that I appreciate the flaws, it’s nothing to bad you know, having little flaws actually makes it more authentic in my eyes, it gives the film more personality. I liked the story, I liked that it was bleak and dark. I liked the setting, I liked the actors, the music, I liked the way it looks, I enjoyed it.  I also love the fact that this film was shot on 35mm film, it even had the film grain and all, beautiful. 

And again, I like this type of story and narrative. There’s so much stuff in this film to admire and appreciate. I was satisfied and that’s all.

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