Carol ★★★★★

"What a strange girl you are."


"Flung out of space."

Towards the end of this film, I found myself falling in love with Blanchett's sophistication and Mara's childlike innocence just like Therese does with Carol, and Carol with Therese. Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are at the peak of their careers here, two of the best female performances I've found in quite a while. Cate's acting is intriguing in light of the fact that she does it all with her eyes, gazes that are absolutely spellbinding. Rooney plays the more inconspicuous, helpless, befuddled, and calm role of Therese, she digs into her character utilizing non-verbal communication more than genuine words. Their aching desire for one another, remaining eminent throughout the film, was obvious only through meaningful gestures and glimpses. It's these tranquil snippets of sizzlingly close looks that make this film such an exceptional one. Haynes' trust in his group of audience and performing artists permits some absolutely phenomenal visual narrating to happen on screen.

Now and again a film comes along that feels like a solitary bit of visual workmanship. Carol is one of those movies. I was charmed by its cinematography, stunning in both its warm shading palettes and the way every shot felt indigenous as both delicately complex and grand. Be that as it may, Carter Burwell's fantasy like score was comprehensive and sentimental as well, both hoisting the film to a radical new level.

The reason why I cherished Carol is seeing the process of how two individuals begin to fall in love with one another. It's the sort of affection that makes you doubt what you know and flips around your entire world. The sort of adoration that stirs some portion in your heart you never knew you had. Carol recounts a wonderful story overflowing with affection, so much love that it makes your heart hurt a tiny bit when you watch it. Carol is a film that you don't watch, you simply encounter. That is the sort of film that I cherish. That is the sort of film that the Academy won't acknowledge, unfortunately. Carol is one of those uncommon movies that says everything, without saying a word. And just for a decent two hours, it felt like everything was okay in the world again.

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