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  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II




    Having enjoyed Bad Boys 1 and its nihilism infused buddy cop comedy duo laughing it up, guns in hand, taking down a drug kingpin and holding onto a witness with only the job and their extremely fragile egos in mind, I decided to throw on its sequel, knowing it went balls to the wall and at the time reception was very mixed. I loved it.

    Its an absolute pure…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    'There's a nice way to say that Karen'

    Its technically flawless, painting a true 'techni-colour world' and as a musical; every song is a banger. However, more importantly it is a timeless ode to anyone who had or has a dream or a vision of a life they could live or may have missed. It has alot to say about nostalgia and the balance of looking back and reflection with moving forward and moving on which I think the end…

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  • Saltburn



    Fennell is so good at magnifying in on some of the worst and uncomfortable parts of our minds. Saltburn expertly involkes the almost cognitive dissonance you can feel when interacting with the truly wealthy, admiration of the beauty, a yearning to be around them and a darker more sinister jealousy of a freedom and power you imagine.

    Both her films play around with very fierce ugly emotions with a slyness and bite that is easy to see why it annoys people. Saltburn is loud brash, obnoxious in its provocations but also very funning with an extreme confidence that is infectious.

  • Napoleon



    Sloppy, wild, thirsty and violent. Scott cuts down Europes most prolific strongman down to size in a truly spiteful downright goofy comedy satire masquerading as a historical epic.

    Phoneix is hilarious here, doing a fantastic job at showing the ferociousness and infectious hubris of one of the great populists. Kirby is coldly stellar here and the only character you are able to feel any sympathy for.

    The pacing is wildly manic, at times almost playing like a theatrical sizzle reel…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


    The guardians are back for one last ride, and this ain't no victory lap, its gonna hurt! Man, that higher evolutionary fellow is a real basterd.

    I wasn't sure how much of a chore this film might have been for Gunn, after looking forward to bigger things in DC but not at all. All Gunns are firing here. These Marvel movies really are given so much more heft and weight when they feel finite and not just one of many…

  • Prey



    The genius of franchises like alien and predator is finding a unique new setting to put the classic monsters into which offers a new angle and social commentary previously untread.

    Prey drops the iconically ugly motherfucker onto a native American tribe while the Europeans are invading and our protagonist and dog is learning what it takes to survive in the tribe and her place in it.

    The native American respect for natural balance and survival pairs perfectly with the predators gleeful and technologically superior need to hunt. Beautiful, amazing and simple movie.