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  • Oklahoma!



    The history and legacy of this musical interests me more than the story itself. The fact that this was a revolutionary musical in its time shows how much the medium has come.

    I'd be very interested in a film update of this.

    Though I refuse to indulge in any hardcore Jud sympathy.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    Amazing choreography. Nice tunes. A lot of fucking brownface. To the point that it undermined much of the story's message for me. Maybe if I'd seen this much younger I could work around it, but I just couldn't help but grimace every time Natalie Wood spoke.

    Knowing it's Romeo and Juliet still doesn't lessen my bafflement at Tony and Maria's everything.

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  • Collective



    Shit's fucked.

    I couldn't help but wonder how Romania is handling Covid-19.

  • The Father

    The Father


    A powerful film with a devastating performance from Hopkins that I absolutely never want to watch again. Not fun bursting into sobbing tears throughout the movie as I think about my grandpa who passed away last February. I almost wish I could delete the memory of the film from my mind so that I don't start crying just thinking about it or trying to describe it to others.

    I can't imagine how much this wrecks live audiences.