A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

Oh my god i knew this was good but this just amazed the shit out of me. Hadnt seen it since grade school where it left a huge impression on me, but goddamn. This was like seeing it again for the first time.

I absolutely loved it. 90 seconds in i was so deep into the experience, i shut all the Windows, pulled down the blinds, shut the light, and blasted the volume up. This was 13:30 Today, two hours before work.

The  opening sequence put serious chills into me. I actually felt uneasy throughout the entire film. It looks great, with so many great kills, and general ingenuity with the use of dreams.
The score is so chilling, and it might just be the nostalgia, but it has to be one of the most effectful scores ive heard.
Freddy and the entire pitch is just stellar, and so  unnerving, and it opens up such a great playground og possibilities.

I know the only thing we are explicitly told about the OG Krueger is that he was a childmurdering janitor, but i have always been sure that he was more of a violent pedophile. Not that it would add much maybe, but i feel there is something about this in the subtext, about how appaled the mother is telling Nancy the truth. That just makes sense to me, not that it ever has to be loudly spoken, i definitely think that it is in there.

What a fucking great film, and a great promise for a franchise. Ive just about downed all the Halloweenies, now lets migrate from Haddonfield to Elm Street.

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