In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

How do you talk sbout these movies? I cant even begin to think where the discussion would start for me. Its just beauty. A melancholic beauty. Perfect framing of shots, incredible tight closeups on faces in emontional despair.Real human connection, without ever truly connecting. Never showing the antagonists, as the world and the protagonists are each others antagonists. The agony of being alone, yet accepting that this is how it needs to be. Finding comfort, yet never seizing on it. Supressing feelings you dont want to, because youre forced to. Choosing to forget, while never being able to.

I dont even know. Its movies like this that just leave you in this mindful yet silent state. Expressing my real feelings for this is impossible, as i dont really know how to feel.

All i know is that it really made me feel, in the grandest of ways.

Also, i loved every single one of those dresses infinitely much.

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