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  • Down Twisted

    Down Twisted


    There's a mystifying and almost inexplicable appeal to Albert Pyun's low budget cannon. For films that can easily be called unrefined, incomplete, half-baked, and schlocky, Pyun confidently emits a distinct tone with appropriate needle drops. One step further than that, Old Al implements inspired guerrilla filmmaking, with here the aid of cinematographer Walt Lloyd (Sex, Lies and Videotape), unleashing sweaty set piece after sweaty set piece. Unfortunately not all of Al's films are great (or even good for that matter),…

  • The Big Country

    The Big Country


    Pa Hannassey looms over the conversation like one of the rock formations of Blanco Canyon. There’s a dizzying quiet in the sun’s dastardly heat. Julie Maragon is to Buck’s side, detached yet pulled by the unwanted gravity of the situation, while Jim McKay—the new owner of Big Muddy—leans in keenly as fervent peacemaker, from his horse. Julie spouts some words in anger to McKay suddenly, cutting a knife through the blazoned tension of all the land talk between him and…

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  • Solomon King

    Solomon King


    "It’s so crazy."
    "Sounds like a bad dream."
    "I know, only it’s real."

    Don't let anyone ever tell you "no". See writer/director/producer Sal Watts' upbringing and life. When in doubt, just utilize your own chain store brand to deck out all the costumes for your blaxploitation B-film dream project. Reminds me of Shaft and the only Rudy Ray Moore film I've seen to date. Bonkers in all the good ways!

  • The Black Crystal

    The Black Crystal


    Amatuer directors have a ton of hurdles to overcome—they have minimal budgets, restricted access to proper gear, effects, costumes, and talent. Surely the deck is stacked against them in more ways than one. What they have in ambition they lack in nearly everything else, and generally speaking, the cinema I’ve seen from amateur directors has met every rating on the spectrum. Unfortunately for Mike Conway, he’s at the bottom of the barrel with fellow filmmakers Carl J Sukenick and Patrick G Donahue (and maybe…

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  • Mad God

    Mad God


    It feels absolutely wrong to give something so filled with artistic vision, creative heartache, and endless amounts of time anything less than the near perfect or perfect score. Yet as much as I love stop-motion, this does not allow me to give this feature full praise. For something that has now taken 30 years to come to fruition, it makes sense that there is so little in way of narrative and we are instead gifted with a world so full…

  • Thief



    For my buddy, Rolf. Cheers dude!

    Michael Mann (at least in the 80s and up to Mohicans) has this style that strictly oozes confidence with an undeniable ear and eye for matching picture with sound, particularly music. It’s not quite like a music video. There’s negative space and patience with an underlying chaotic energy. The composition of a scene in Thief is layered with city lights and bar signs bleeding onto cars, melting into city street puddles, or twinkling in the…