Italian Movie ★½


Hey, a-stunad, whya you-a not-a watcha dis movie? Have ya been wit' ya goombah? Marone! Go-a sit down wit' some mutzadell, manigot, pasta fazool, prujoot, regoat, and some GABAGOOL. Ya, GABAGOOL. Mi papa's favorite. And-a we can't forget about da cannolis! Then after, why don't ya go-a make-a some sweet a-love to your goomah. Don't be an oobatz. GABAGOOL.


P.S. As shite as this is, it is the film that gave us James Gandolfini (who is by far the best part of this flick). Also of note, notice the his photo on the poster is NOT even from the time period this film was made, ha!

P.P.S. Caprice Benedetti is a smokin', classic beauty. Hot damn.


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