Upgrade ★★★★½

In the vein of one of the all-time great sci-fis, Bladerunner, we get the fascinating examination of A.I. vs human.  Can one be the other?  Is one better than the other?  Can technology become so great we won’t be able to discern robotics from actual humans?  The film shows the obvious benefits to a fictional A.I. system that gives the main character, Grey, a second chance at life and also the opportunity to have revenge.  

Leigh Whannell, of Saw fame, gives us an astounding, well-calculated feature tying in these tropes with incredible action sequences mixed in.  The camera-work during the hand-to-hand combats and the flawless performance by Logan Marshall-Greene, emulates this tragic character exceptionally well.  

The film is smart too, as we see the obvious benefits of the A.I. we also see the flaws (albeit much more subtly), and the human condition breaks through to save the day.  Where one is weak the other prevails.  The final scene has the “winner” metaphorically nail this statement against the wall and walk away, soaked in blood.

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