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  • The Night of Varennes

    The Night of Varennes


    The observer (the audience) looks upon the writer who looks upon history. Casanova and Restif, with their own strangeness and scandal to their name, are defined by other characters and by their introductions as the sexually voracious and controversial figures they are seen as today. The Night of Varennes introduces Restif as a man who has committed incest as if it was nothing, as a man who publishes not only his own sexually explicit books but also great works of…

  • Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

    Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?


    The Cinderella story has never been one of my favorites. Part of that is probably because it's overdone, but also because I find it to be one of the less interesting fairy tales. I think that could be thanks to how it is seen culturally, as the 50s Disney movie. That Cinderella as a character actually does have quite a bit of personality and sass, but ultimately she is the beautiful object the story revolves around. She is told to…

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  • The Visitor

    The Visitor


    The Classifieds, Italian Style.

    I definitely want to keep exploring Italian dark comedies, especially those that focus on gender dynamics of their era, because films like Marriage Italian Style and The Visitor have such a unique and darkly funny style that I really enjoy. The Visitor is even more fun because it's pretty subtle, leaving the story a bit open-ended for the audience to interpret and understand. It's cynical for sure, mostly about how men are terrible, and it's also…

  • Dangal



    I'm working as a babysitter this summer and one day a few weeks ago their dad asked me what I like to do in my free time, and I told him about how I love movies! He is originally from India so he asked me if I had seen any movies from India, and we talked about Satyajit Ray a bit, and then he asked me about Bollywood films, of which I had seen none, so he told me about…

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  • Hollywood



    There is a throwaway line in Hollywood where Ernie, hoping the film he's starred in will win Best Sound Editing, is frustrated when that Oscar actually goes to Body and Soul. He calls Body and Soul "that piece of shit".

    Hollywood is built around self congratulatory masturbation for its creators. Lord knows how proud Ryan Murphy must be for rewriting Hollywood history in an attempt to give a voice to Black men and women, Asian-American women, and gay men who…

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet

    TW: discussion of abuse

    I have a lot of thoughts on this one so buckle up friends!

    I loved how David Lynch uses aesthetic and thematic tension in Blue Velvet. The imagery is at odds from the beginning: idyllic small town life where everyone knows everyone versus the seedy underbelly where no one knows anyone else's secrets. From there there is the tension of nostalgia and present day: the noir films on television, Sandy's outfits, name, and characterization being heavily…