Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

This really hurt! I think this final leg of the Before Trilogy will probably grow in esteem for me upon a second or third watch because I just felt myself on guard the entire time, scared that the shoe was going to drop and this movie was going to end with Celine and Jesse breaking up and frankly, I could not handle that possible outcome. I've invested myself in this fictional relationship even more than usual! Three whole movies! Because I was so on guard I don't think I got to really appreciate seeing how their relationship dynamic had shifted, how their huge fight will probably be a very good thing for their relationship in the long run, because while watching it I was just sad and stressed and trying to figure out who was "right" when that really was not the point of the fight nor the reason they needed to have it. I think watching Before Midnight again might be necessary for me because how can I fully appreciate something, even if it's painful art, if I'm so worried about how it's going to cause me pain?

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