The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story ★★★★★

I was so happy I loved this just as much on a rewatch. This time around, what stood out to me was how well this translated from its play origins. I really like a lot of movies that started as plays, and with most of them I can easily see how it would work on the stage. With "The Philadelphia Story", this is still true, but I can also appreciate the slight but significant changes they made to make it work for the big screen. There are jokes that are film-specific, like jokes with lighting or with shot composition, and how the film incorporates so many locations so seamlessly. I truly can't tell which locations were only in the film and which overlap from play to adaptation, which is really impressive. It's great as an adaptation, but it surely stands on its own as a film. At some point I'll have to read the play and see any other specific changes made.

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