Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

If Tom & Peter really are meant to inherit the massive responsibility/burden of bearing the entire MCU on their back from Robert & Tony, then, well, I couldn’t imagine a better successor.

When Peter is on the plane with Happy designing his  suit for the climactic finale, I get so elated watching Happy give a soft little smile as he notices Peter mimicking many of Tony’s old habits and interacting with the tech just as Tony would. There’s a massive Robert Downey Jr. sized hole in the heart of the MCU at the moment, and uncertainty abounds, but I’ve never felt more optimistic about the foundations that are being laid for the future.

It’s clear that Phase 4 will focus primarily on a variety of our newest heroes - Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange, among others - but I don’t think anyone fits the face of this franchise better than Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He’s the perfect synthesis of Tony and Cap without their shortcomings. He’s endlessly intelligent without ever seeming dismissively arrogant. He’s dedicated, endearing, and strong-willed without ever seeming unnecessarily stubborn. Peter is not without his flaws as well - his sometimes reckless immaturity being the most notable - but his relentless “do-gooder” attitude  and vibrant youthfulness give the series a much needed shot of exhilarating new blood.

As a life-long die-hard Spider-Man fan, I admittedly may be a little biased due to my excitement that this practically perfect portrayal of the iconic character seems to be positioned as the new leader of all Avengers-related activities, but I honest to God don’t know how anyone can’t be excited for more years filled with fantastic features from Holland and co.

The Marvel machine reigns supreme, and it’s impossible to rail against it at this point. If they intend to push their output and influence to its ultimate limit, I truly think we could do much worse than embracing the whimsical wonderment of their iteration of Spider-Man. With an endearing and insanely entertaining young performer at the helm and the embarrassment of riches that his world and his rogue’s gallery provides, I see nothing more than more success for the multimedia giant.

With great power comes great responsibility, and with Marvel’s ever-increasing might in both pop culture and cinema alone, they owe it to audiences to continue to challenge themselves to deliver the most exciting and thematically rewarding blockbusters around. In Spidey they trust, it seems.

And I do too.

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