The Tragedy of Macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth ★★★★½

I can 100% see how this wouldn’t be everyone’s “thing,” but I studied Shakespeare as a minor in college and performed WAY too many of his plays in community theater growing up, so I was in the bag for this since day one, LOL. #TheaterKidRepresentation

However, with that being said, I just think this is a flawless piece of filmmaking even if you don’t have any prior connection to or association with the source material. I mean, it’s literally just one of the most consummately crafted films I’ve ever seen? From Joel Coen’s deliberate direction to Bruno Delbonnel’s consuming cinematography to that STUNNING sound work, everyone brought their A-game here, and it SHOWS. I was in awestruck fascination from the first frame to the last - practically every scene is a painting that should be shown in a museum.

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand are reliably riveting (and while the latter has a sharper sense of how to bring the Bard’s words to life, the former brings a raging realism to the play that proves to be powerfully potent all the same), but the supporting cast might actually steal the show here? I don’t need to tell you how terrific the transformative Kathryn Hunter is - NYFCC has that taken care of - but even aside from her tremendous turn as the Three Witches, The Queen’s Gambit breakout Moses Ingram may be my MVP of the movie with just a single scene to remind us that she’s a supernova star on the rise we better watch out for as Lady Macduff, and Alex Hassell’s delightfully dubious Ross commands his every conversation with a mesmerizing air of mystery.

I plan on going even more in-depth about the astounding achievements of this adaptation soon for Loud and Clear Reviews, so I’ll just leave you with this - do NOT miss The Tragedy of Macbeth, or you’ll be missing out one of the most engrossing cinematic experiences of the year.

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