The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad ★★★★★

An absolutely unprecedented feat of filmmaking - and quite possibly Barry Jenkins’ magnum opus. It’s honestly almost impossible to sum up my thoughts in a way that isn’t utterly incoherent. I’m simply left gobsmacked by the glorious storytelling on display and Jenkins’ ability to properly portray the staggering pains of slavery while always highlighting the heart of his protagonists above all else, honoring their humanity amidst all the horror they endure.

In addition, he’s assembled one of the most captivating casts present in any project across any medium - Thuso Mbedu is a star in every sense of the word, Joel Edgerton discovers unforeseen depth as an actor in his finest role to date, and every supporting player - from Aaron Pierre to William Jackson Harper to Lily Rabe and SO MANY MORE - are all perfectly utilized, brilliantly complementing the broader narrative being conveyed.

You’ve heard of the Great American Novel. This is the Great American Miniseries. It’s essential viewing, and you owe it to yourself and every cast and crew member who had a part in this production to be swept up in this staggering saga as soon as possible.

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