Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

an exquisitely made film whose only conceivable flaw is my own ability to focus; i’m gonna blame that on the fact i was tired and think about this more tomorrow and come back with coherent thoughts

- every frame of this was beautiful and i'm shocked it hasn't been talked about as a frontrunner for best cinematography
- the production design and costumes added to the visual beauty of the film
- the first act was something i loved watching and felt like i could watch forever, it was so quiet but well paced and just all around lovely
- the second act was where it dipped for me, i checked how much time had gone by thinking the movie was almost over but we were only 1:20 in with about 50 minutes left
- the third act got interesting again, but i saw a 9:45pm showing so it was really hard to bounce back from that dip for me so i don't think i appreciated it as much as i should have
- daniel day lewis and vicky krieps were absolutely stellar

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