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very healthy human who has not looked away from a screen in eleven years.

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  • Pigs and Battleships
  • Emitaï
  • Edward II
  • Fire in Castilla

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  • Titane


  • Untitled (Human Mask)

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  • The Cameraman


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  • Titane



    Every couple years there's one of these body horror movies I have to watch through my hands, but can't stop watching bc I feel so connected to the story. This is it.

    TITANE is kind of a mess narratively, but its future-gendered dysphoria-writ-large flesh-repulsed thesis is just too interesting.

    Might come to hate this in time or see my own projections flake away to reveal duller schlock beneath. But this first watch was mesmerizing to me, and I feel like many of these images are gonna stay burned into my brain.

  • Untitled (Human Mask)

    Untitled (Human Mask)

    They really made the "Reject Modernity, Embrace Monke" meme into a movie and it's one of the most moving things I've watched all year wtf

Popular reviews

  • The Last Laugh

    The Last Laugh


    Holy Hell. That this film could weaponize irony, sweep you up in a spacey drunken dream, and ground your heart to dust without any title cards is just astonishing.

    Murneau was a master. I don't really have anything to add to the conversation about this film. I'm just thoroughly impressed.

    (Also the poster LB chose for this is wonderful!)

  • Three Times

    Three Times


    Fuck it. Not sure if it's a perfect film, but it does literally everything I love in movies.

    It is insanely bold. Imagine just dropping a silent film in the middle of your masterwork and it totally paying off? I always feel like there's so much risk in making these vignette movies. I watched MYSTERY TRAIN earlier this year and fell head over heels in love with the first section,"Far from Yokohama." It colored the rest of the movie for…