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  • Prey



    I liked it but I also feel the story is to small. I need more of different characters that have own style and identity on the screen.

    Yes its a predator movie but I dont want to compare with the other predator movies but more treat it as their own story.

    If I have to compare this with something similar I would rather point to "Cowboys & Aliens (2011)".

    Overall, this is a well made story and my complains is on things they didnt do, that I like a lot in a movie. I dont think this movie got rewatch quality for me.

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My kind of movie without any question.

    As soon as I watched the trailer at the cinema I was sure I didnt want to miss this. This is a movie that know what it is. It doesnt pretend to be anything else than just some light easy entertainment. Its not a movie that will grab the attention of the Oscars but just some movie fireworks in the middle of the summer.

    Since I enjoy quirky assassin type of characters this…

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  • Villa Empain

    Villa Empain


    They promo this as a house with a hounted history, what they show is a house with great arcitectual details through a video layer that is supposed to create the feel of it being old.

    I miss the story of the house in a narrative, I miss the historical narrative and the context that can be given even from a architectual perspective.

    For someone that knew nothing about the house leave this short knowing very little.

    Just surface, that is architectual pleasing but thats it.

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    So this premiered here in Sweden 30th of september 2021 and I picked a screening that started 0.07 past midnight to that day.

    First of all, Im not a pro writer of reviews and never aspire to be eather so see this just as notes.

    I would say that Im a quite big Bond fan, at least I own the bond box with the first 20 movies on dvd that I watched plenty of time. My favorite Bond movies is…