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  • Rocco and His Brothers

    Rocco and His Brothers



    Hate consumes you and pull you down the drain.

  • Tenebre



    I enjoyed the soundtrack however it feels like he wasnt adding anything that new to the genre.

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  • Villa Empain

    Villa Empain


    They promo this as a house with a hounted history, what they show is a house with great arcitectual details through a video layer that is supposed to create the feel of it being old.

    I miss the story of the house in a narrative, I miss the historical narrative and the context that can be given even from a architectual perspective.

    For someone that knew nothing about the house leave this short knowing very little.

    Just surface, that is architectual pleasing but thats it.

  • Night Watch

    Night Watch


    Fantasy movie that takes place on the streets of Moscow.

    It got some interesting scenes and the pace is fast.

    Worth to watch.