The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

the way i actually allowed myself to sit in a public theater for 2 hours and the unfold of every arvin russell scenes was just oozing out sexiness... yeah mental stability was thrown out i was losing self control the entire time.

but seriously, 
this movie was executed nicely. all the scenes are shot prettily along with the score in the background. i do wish they added more small events/details with each character but i understand why we’re mostly mostly focusing on arvin’s story and just dgaf about the rest lmfao. other than that, it's quite decent for a film adaption.

i know this has been mentioned many times but i do believe tom outdid himself in this role. knowing its his first time being apart of something he's not use to, he portrayed arvin so so well. his performance really stood out and it gave me emotions following him along. he really deserves a lot of credit for showcasing his range starting with this work and i believe he's gonna continue on with the absolute talent he holds. for me, its a refreshing start to see something thats unlikely. and i hope to see some more mature roles for him. im so proud of this man which he deserves all the appreciation and praises he has received so far. hard work pays off.

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