Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

A Scandal in Suburbia

Given Fincher's obvious relish for the mammoth plot twist, I expected this to be a lot more fun on second viewing, but I didn't expect the tone to change so much. What seemed overloaded with plot schematics the first time switches over to pleasurable abundance, threaded in and out of the movie as needed, never getting in the way of the dark, perverse heart beating at the core.

That heart is still a slippery one though, and I still find the mystery over how to feel about the central coupling much more compelling than the one about whether Nick Dunne killed his wife could ever hope to be. The trickiest part is how different Nick and Amy's characters are - her transgressions are so fantastical and removed from the real world, while his are so painfully recognizable and banal. And yet somehow they manage to make it work anyway. Isn't that kind of nice?

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