The American President

The American President ★★★★

It is beyond my capacity for optimism to think or even hope that I might one day feel good about the American presidency again, and I don't mean just because of Trump. But it's not beyond my capacity for make-believe that I can't pretend to feel good about it and the government in general for a couple hours, as long as I have something like this to help me - the word "Capraesque" gets an early shout-out in the dialogue and that makes it clear what this is going for, but the surprising thing is how well it hits the mark. I've never watched a single episode of any Aaron Sorkin TV show so I'm still kind of into his showstopping speeches, this one delivering two near the end, the "cable knit sweater" one for Annette Bening and the "I AM the President" one for Douglas, and this middlebrow liberal pap still tastes good to me, may God have mercy on me for it.

Hey, I just had an idea. Maybe we could attack Trump based on his character. That could work, right?

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