• No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    I deduced it.

  • No Country for Old Men: Josh Brolin's Unauthorized Behind the Scenes

    No Country for Old Men: Josh Brolin's Unauthorized Behind the Scenes

    Very funny and strange epk made by Josh Brolin on the set of No Country for Old Men. Implies that one or both Coen Bros might be instruments of the devil. Someone on Tik Tok should grab a couple clips from this out of context and use it to go viral.

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho


    Of course I know what it means kid, ever heard of the Village People?

  • Avalon
  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    I used to have a lot of complex, conflicting feelings about something this simultaneously offensive and visually spectacular, but on this most recent visit (especially right after watching The Crying Game) it simply feels too ridiculous and absurd to get too worked up about one way or the other. The least dramatically effective of De Palma's thrillers but maybe the most visually precise, even in the watered down R-rated cut, it really does feel like Hitchcock gone dumber, louder, and trashier, i.e. what his harshest critics think he was up to all the time. Dennis Franz is extremely funny.

  • The Crying Game

    The Crying Game


    Features an even more instantly iconic use of "Stand By Your Man" than The Blues Brothers?

  • eXistenZ



    This has to be the best of all the VR/false reality films I've been watching and rewatching lately, for Cronenberg's mastery of creepy menace but also for its unique ability to convey the true psychic threat of nested artificial simulations in effortless, coldblooded detail. One of those movies that feels like a treasure we should be thankful for, I'd love to see a sequel.

  • Beanfilm



    Roll that beautiful bean footage

  • Dark City

    Dark City


    small world

  • Strange Nostalgia

    Strange Nostalgia

    Annoying little artsy short film by Alex "The Crow/Dark City" Proyas, purportedly made during covid lockdown. I guess that explains it.

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    I still think this is great, and far from the ultra-serious dirge that its reputation has devolved it into, the tone is pure albeit somewhat lofty comic book pulp noir, never matched since even after lots of attempts.

  • Son of Batman

    Son of Batman


    Not much to this but a brisk enough 75 minutes. Dr. Kirk Langstrom is voiced by Xander Berkeley.