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  • The Wild Geese

    The Wild Geese


    Shunned & Beautiful

    After being left by her first husband, a Woman has no choice but to become a concubine for a wealthy man, who's as shady as he's ugly. As depressing as a torturous way of the life of a Woman can get. Shot simply wonderfully and acted with the typical sincerity I come to know from Hideko Takamine and Eijirō Tōno, this movie went down a spiral without ever spinning upwards for our obedient main protagonist.

    A life in…

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    The Island of no Return

    One of the most relentless movies ever. The question, what would you do, constantly swirls around in my mind while watching this masterpiece for the umpteenth times. I'd probably be the guy who gets stabbed by Chigusa (Chiaki Kuriyama) because I stalked her in School already like a dog in heat and finally got what was coming to me all along.

    If you consider this the Swan Song of a Director that made over sixty…

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  • La Cocina

    La Cocina


    Like a Burned Fish-Stick that
    is still frozen on the inside

    I was constantly on the side of the Grill Chef Max and how the whole atmosphere in that kitchen was simply horrible and not sustainable. The Chef had no idea what he was doing and then he proudly declares that he didn't care for the last twenty-five years in doing this job. You can definitely tell. Some order and structure between the different cooking stations would work wonders, would…

  • The Devil's Bath

    The Devil's Bath


    The Austrian VVitch!

    A newly wed bride wishes for nothing more than being touched (and plowed) by her husband, but he's constantly to drunk to fulfill his dues, doesn't find her attractive enough, or simply is impotent and the blame is quickly put on her.

    On the first look at it, it might not have that much in common with Robert Eggers' Movie, but the similarities they share, warrants a closer look at comparing these two. Both movies have an…

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  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times


    Boys with Samurai Sword will be Boys with Samurai Sword.

  • Oldboy



    What a Beast of a Movie!

    From perfect Camera, Sound and incredible Actors and all rapped up in the first Brainsplatter, as I like to call this Movie, I have ever seen.

    I was at the Fantasy Film Fest in 2004 at the screening of this enormous Masterpiece. It was a incredible Atmosphere!

    Till half hour before the ending you hear laugther, chuckles and gasping. But when the climax came, there was dead silence long after the credits were gone.…