2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

After I finally started the Book, I couldn't put it out of my Hands until it was done. Staying calm wasn't easy!
Luckily I was in a crisis intervention until today, so Stress Pills were only 10 feet away :-)

Just as griping as the Movie, I decided to rewatch it as soon as I'm back at home, to fill the Blanks that the Movie clearly leaves open.
The Ending becomes much better with the knowledge, in my Opinion.

Still an awesome Achievement in Special Effects, Music Placement and Atmosphere. That's what you call EPIC!
HAL is my favorite A.I. in a Movie so far.

One of the greatest Sci-Fi-Movies from one of the greatest Directors ever!


Oh yeah, Space Baby kills Humanity!
I Love the Space-Baby.
Metamorph me!

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