Burning ★★★½

A bicycle with three wheels

So, this movie just happened. Ehm...What did happen, exactly?
This movie has a lot of guts to NOT show us a lot what is happening... Solely from the point of view of our protagonist, we're in for a road-movie-esque mystery ride without a true destination.

Some exceptional acting and camera angles aside, I really didn't know what the movie wanted from me. Even more so because of the long running time overall I was a little bit disappointed, being a KoolAid drinker for most of Korea's output, but lately they seem to struggle for me.

Maybe it's the deeply depressed nihilist in me, that cannot see something innocent and pure about the lady in this movie, but they all went out to torture our main protagonist, right?


My theory is that Jong-Su is the Greenhouse-Burner, his father has to go to jail because of him and Hae-mi lost her house, so she's out for revenge on him. What the rich guy Ben has to do with it, is just very unclear to begin with. Maybe just the boyfriend who wanted to help.

Would love to have a discussion about it beneath my review, but I seriously doubt that anything from me has even remotely a chance of being talked about. Let alone that anybody even reads these few lines...

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