Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★

Don't rob a Blind Man,
it's just Nasty!

Okay, some Movies here are way off from my Perspective.
I found a LOT of good movies because of all of you, but sometimes the hype for a Flick you all produce just cannot satisfy a rational being anymore.

I had this Problem with:
The Devils
last and definitely least
American Honey and
The Neon Demon

That is not to say that these Movies were bad but they just didn't grip me as I thought they would. Apart from American Honey and The Neon Demon, which really were disasters for me!

Okay, now to Don't Breathe.

Okay, Inhale, don't move and think!
I'm typing very loud here which would have been a disaster in this House.
Which Burglar in the World breaks in to a occupied House, when they always went for the safe B&E's?
The whole setting is very shallow and not very logical.
Which ruined a lot of tension for me and this movie unquestionably has lots of it.
The cellar was terrifying as hell!
Why does the Blind dude have to have such a shitty Background....

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