Malignant ★★★½

When Wan
went Banana

A movie so crazy that it would fit right into Troma territory, if the whole production value wouldn't be so god damn high. A really incredible feature, to get this kind of moola for such a B-Movie concept, with one of the most outraging fight scenes towards the end, that would fight right into an R-Rated Matrix Movie. This is also the highlight and beyond ridiculous. Hilarious! I'm never sure if the Director was anytime serious while shooting, or if he just laughed all the way to the Bank.

"Burning all the bridges on my way out. Why shouldn't I?"
I think that was pretty much what James Wan (Rank 182▲) thought about, when they said to him that they want another Horror franchise from him. A very versatile director who knows how to make a big budget movie, with all the tropes and traps a Studio system brings along and plays them like a fiddle. I think the Review from RedLetterMedia is pretty accurate here.

H∞pto8er #IX
8 decades (''20s; 5/8☐)
Total Movie Challenge (9/45☐)

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