Parasite ★★★★½

Hits from da Bong!

Holy Virus, what an infectious movie.
A crowdpleaser for FilmLovers if I ever saw one.
And that is meant in the best way possible.
Best of the Year so far, and very hard to beat for anybody. Surely one of the best of the decade. I'm simply in love with this movie!
I'm spoiling nothing here, as each and every single detail I would tell you, would rob you of a hilarious, shocking or surprising moment.

Bong Joon-Ho (Rank 12▲) comes out of left field with this epic dramedy that always finds a new angle to surprise you.

Be it the camera, the set-design, the formidable Actors or simply the marvelous story. It may be his very best work yet, which is saying a lot, since he hasn't let me down (yet).

I hope we get a good 4K-UHD-Disc (and not only the french release) of this wonderful pictures that was captured with an Alexa 65, the same godly camera that already framed Roma so incredibly rich and detailed.

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