Q ★★★

Doves sure are picky animals.

In a time, where David Carradine only had half a bottle whiskey before sunset (also called, five before full Carradine), came this little funny trash movie about a Quetzalcoatl in New York and is pretty much the perfect companion to King Kong, with the whole Empire State Building and being a creature feature of course.

The whole mobster b-plot is somewhat funny, although it steers too much away from the juicy meat for the flying serpent god. Had to cut budget at some point it seems. They should have brought Corman on board, he knows how to handle the monies...

Hooper 5.0 #XIX
6 countries (USA)(5/6)☐
6 decades (1982)(7/6)☑
2 flying things that kill you films(1/2)☐
Total Movie Challenge (19/48)☐

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