Satantango ★★★★½

Time kills everyone slowly

A movie so hypnotic is something you'll rarely see.
What an impressive document about the relatively of time. A heartbreaking and honest look into depraved human beings, who seem already dead, long before their chores of their day are done.
How easily we are deceived, as soon as somebody promises us the holy land. How blindly trust is given to shady human beings, only for the hope of getting something out of it. And only loosing everything along the way, the last bit of humanity and honor.

A Community so dead, not even a tear is shed for an "innocent" child, that really isn't innocent at all.
Like the rest of the Townspeople.
Like all of us.

A testament to the lowest point a human can sink to, and then fall even further. Not believing there's could even be a lower point.

Mr. Béla Tarr truly build something magnificent here. A movie, that has a runtime of 450 Minutes, yet not one second seems bloated or unnecessary. The room is left to breath, to suck in the atmosphere, that seemingly is there to linger in every shot.

After the Movie there was a Q&A with the Master himself for this magnificent 4K-Restoration and I asked, if we can expect his other works in high Quality as this release?

And he was so pleased with this restoration, calling it the nearest possible way, to enjoy this movie, besides a new 35mm print and that swayed him over, to Restore the rest of his Works!

Unfortunately, the release of the Blu-Ray has been pushed back to 2020, so that the movie can have a theatrical release in the states around Fall 2019.
Hopefully they'll do a 4K-UHD in 2020 to do this Masterpiece real justice. I would gladly buy two, only to push the sales.

Or a Box-Set with all Movies from him would be swell as well. 12 Films and 5 Short Movies would equal a 13-15 Discs Collector's Set.
Bring it on!

Oh, and I got his autograph on my Turin Horse Blu-Ray ;-)

Berlinale 2019 #20

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