The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★

New Year's Eve at Midnight,
the Best time to Die!*

(*If you want a decent job for once.)
I never thought about this, but it makes so much sense.
Why would Death do the dirty work day in, day out, to card away the human souls, and bringing them himself to Heaven, Hell, Hades, Nirvana or any other place you chosen for your after life, based on your religion? At some point every job gets tiresome and you have to give it to another poor soul to accomplish these deeds.

An incredibly dire movie, where you can feel the aftermath of the Spanish Flu, that ravaged only two years prior around the world and took about 50 million in to its dirty grip and didn't let them go.
If it would've gone after me, it would have ended more bitter and sad though, but alas it would've been maybe too cruel for the time.

HoopTober the 7th #XLII
6 decades(1921)(10/6☑)
6 countries(Sweden)(12/6☑)
Total Movie Challenge (42/50☐)

A 100 Years, a 100 Films #LVII: Year 1921

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