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This review may contain spoilers.

So I FINALLY got around to watching this movie, and I can see why this one got the praise that it did. It somehow manages to make a WWII Nazi Germany comedy funny. It knows when to have jokes and silly gags, and it knows when to be serious about the grim subject matter. I like all the characters, especially JoJo, Elsa, and his mother. Watiti plays a cartoony version of Hitler, and while this seemed to be the main focus of the film based on the trailers, he isn't in it all that much, and only adds to the story. I like how he starts out silly, but becomes more evil and realistic the more JoJo strays from the Nazi ideology. And when he finally does break away from what he's been taught, JoJo finally gets rid of him. The comedy also worked really well, a lot of it coming from they dynamic between JoJo and Elsa. Elsa messes with him about what he thinks of Jewish people, but they then start to warm up to each other. And yeah, I'm obligated to mention THAT scene, which is not only really well shot, but is also such an emotional gut-punch.

I really enjoyed this movie the whole way through, and I highly recommend it if you are at all interested. It treats its subject matter with respect, while also knowing when to make fun of it. It tells compelling story that I won't soon forget.

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